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The Beauty Manifesto

beauty_manifestoCommissioned by the┬áNational Theatre Connections project, The Beauty Manifesto premiered at the Oxford Playhouse featuring Artemis’ teen theatre company “The Medusa Theatre Company.


The world of The Beauty Manifesto is a world of extreme physical conformity, where teenagers celebrate their sixteenth birthdays with cosmetic surgery.

Jasmine and her sister Chloe are ambassadors for the manifesto and their father is the chief cosmetic surgeon. It is Silas’ birthday and the time has come for his transformation. The problem is, Silas can think for himself and believes the manifesto is designed to make teenagers so unhappy about their bodies that they accept they need change.

The Beauty Manifesto explores living in a world of air brushed images and perfect bodies, and questions contemporary ideas of beauty.


Produced by Artemis Studios
In association with the National Theatre Connections project
Directed by Heather Wilson & Bradley Clapson

The Beauty Manifesto in rehearsal

Photographs from London and Budapest productions

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